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Before You Book

There are several questions we may need to ask in order to provide you with an acurate quote.
  • What type of vehicle do you want towed?
  • What is wrong with it? (broken down? involved in a accident? a wreck?)
  • Where do you need it towed from and to?
  • When would you like us to attend?
  • Are there any special instructions you may have?
  • How many people will be travelling with the vehicle?
Other things you should be aware of that may cost a little more.
  • If the keys are not with the vehicle.
  • Excessively lowered vehicles can take longer to load and unload safely.
  • 4x4's may cost a little more to tow than family cars.
  • Unless informed prior our trucks will not normally transport additional items such as engines or gearboxes.
  • If we are unable to operate the handbrake or access the gear selector.