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Road Safety

  • Never drink and drive
  • Never use drugs and drive, including prescription medication that affects driving abilities
  • Always slow down in school zones
  • Give way to emergency vehicles
  • Allow a greater stopping distance in wet weather
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Only use mobile phones with a hands-free device connected.
  • 'P' platers, remember you have 4 demerit points in the first stage of your probation and 8 during the second
  • The legal limit for drink driving is 0.05, you must be under this limit at all times whilst driving
  • When approaching a tow truck or other vehicle that is displaying flashing lights SLOW DOWN and follow any reasonable directions

Your vehicle will be impounded at your expense if the driver is caught 'hooning' or driving with a suspended license.  Currently vehicles are impounded for a minimum of 28 days.