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Tow Truck Facts

There are three classes of tow trucks
  • Class 1 - able to move vehicles up to 2030 kg
  • Class 2 - able to move vehicles up to 5080 kg
  • Class 3 - not restricted
As a rough guide a Falcon or Commodore weighs about 1600 to 1800 kg, a 4x4 such as a Pajero or Landcruiser weighs about 2100 kg to 2500 kg without any extra equipment such as roo bars, tow bars, etc. 
While many operators of Class 1 Tow Trucks will offer to transport 4x4's they do so in breach of the Tow Truck Regulations and will not be insured should your vehicle be damaged.

ALL Tow Trucks must be correctly registered and have the company name, drivers name and address clearly marked on them.

Most reputable towing companies also contract their services to AAAC Towing and / or Autocare.  Using a tow truck that has AAAC or Autocare signage is highly recommended as it means they have attained suitable levels of experience, are police checked and fully insured.

You have the right to use any towing company you want, even if another towing company arrives at your vehicle first.
Some less reputable tow truck operators have been stating that they are AAAC Towing or Autocare contractors.  Always ensure any paperwork you sign matches any tow truck operators claim and if you remain uncertain contact the call center on 9352 5000 prior to signing anything or allowing them to move your vehicle. 

Remember its not just your car you are entrusting to them but also your personal details!